Digital Marketers to Double Mobile Spending

Nearly a quarter of mobile marketers plan to double their mobile ad spending over the next two years, according to a new survey by the Interactive Advertising Bureau and technology researcher Ovum.

These advertisers are following market trends in the digital industry. Smartphone penetration continues to rise, with Nielsen reporting 64% of US mobile subscribers now using smartphones. With this growth comes more opportunities to reach mobile users with targeted advertising.

Among mobile advertising options, according to the survey, the most popular are mobile sites (or landing pages), with 70% of respondents favoring that type of advertising. Banner ads are the second most favored, with 49% of respondents using, followed by mobile search ads (44%) and mobile messaging (41%).

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Sales of New iPhones Soar

Just three days after launching its newest iPhone models, the upgraded iPhone 5S and lower-priced iPhone 5C, Apple says it has sold a record 9 million new phones. Apple says demand for the 5S model outpaced supply and many online orders will be shipped in coming weeks.

Among the new features in the 5s: an improved A7 64-bit chip, an eight megapixel iSight camera and Touch ID, fingerprint technology to unlock the phone (no more forgetting your passcode). The 5C comes in five colors — pink, yellow, blue, green and white — and also features in the newest iSight camera.

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Drupal Users: Pay it Forward

Attention Drupal community: The new Drupal Technology Partner Program will match Drupal experts with users needing help with Drupal tools, services and third-party software.

The program gives Drupal experts a chance to promote their skills and their business, and gives Drupal users easier access to problem solving.

The Drupal Association says the new program is inspired by feedback from the Drupal community.   “One consistent theme that came up during our research was the need for information about tools and third-party software that can help Drupalers build even better sites,” the Association said.

Technology Partners will be companies or individuals who can aid the Drupal community, and annual fees range from $2,500 (silver level) to $15,000 (platinum level) . The fees will support improvements.

So what do Technology Partners get in return?

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Smart phones in the lead

Nearly two-thirds of all Americans now own smart phones and younger Americans are leading the way, according to new data from Nielsen. Among U.S. mobile phone users, 64% are using smart phone, according to a Nielsen report for June to August 2013.  That’s up from 61% penetration, which Nielsen reported for March to May 2013.

An overwhelming majority of younger Americans are using smart phones.

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Yes, You Need a Social Media Marketing Plan!

Ready to tell the legions of social media users about your organization? Using sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest are another way to touch potential clients.  But, before you start posting, it is essential to craft a social media marketing plan. Your institution or business needs to set priorities and make sure everyone on your team is on the same page. A few helpful hints:

  • Establish your organization’s objective with social media.
  • Determine which social media channels are right for you.
  • Designate who is in charge of the accounts and the postings.
  • Decide the frequency for posting to various sites.

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Get your mobile sites ready!

Listen up, higher education: Your website is a key marketing and outreach tool and needs individual attention.

As more high schoolers upgrade to smart phones and tablets, they’re demanding tailored mobile sites that look good on smaller screens and are functional. Simply relying on your desktop site won’t work anymore. In 2013, 68% of prospective students say they have looked at a college web site on a mobile device, according to a study from higher education consulting firm Noel-Levitz. Of the students surveyed, 73% have regular access to a mobile device and 43% use mobile devices for Web browsing. Mobile optimized websites allow users to view your site on whatever size screen they have. It improves the experience — which helps keep them on your site, increases your visibility and extends your branding.

But many sites are not responsive to devices. When these prospective students go to non-responsive college websites through mobile devices, the user experience can be frustrating. Half of the students say they’d  like colleges to adapt their websites specifically for mobile use.

According to a recent study, following are the top five features students are looking for:

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Why Educational Institutions need Online Marketing?

Branding doesn’t just work in the business world.  It’s everywhere!  Branding in simple words is the perception towards a particular brand. People in general don’t just buy what you do, they rather buy you. The concept of branding equally holds good for schools, colleges and universities. It is crucial getting new students to enrol for your courses and talented faculty and employees aspiring to be part onboard your institution.

Today people are spending a major part of their day online. If we go online, branding is simply website promotion, accomplished with the help of online marketing. Online branding for educational institutions is mainly done through online marketing and advertising campaigns which includes online search engine marketing etc. But make sure that you have a consistent theme throughout different channels. This is recommended by most of the internet marketing consultant. These online branding tools and techniques are sure to establish a positively differentiated presence for your institution in the market.

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