Cornell DrupalCamp 2013 Preview

Cornell DrupalCamp 2013 is just one week away and this is one you don’t want to miss. The university’s first-ever Drupal event is loaded with informative sessions whether you’re just starting out or a Drupal expert.


For a quick refresher: Drupal is a free, open-source content framework that is used to power about 2% of websites worldwide, including many higher education websites. Sanmita builds Drupal-based content management systems (CMS) for many of our higher education clients. Drupal works well for dynamic websites rich with multimedia and data, and multiple users. Sanmita is also a partner with Acquia, the for-profit company that provides Drupal consulting and support.

Sanmita is thrilled to be a Gold Sponsor for the Cornell DrupalCamp2013. With just a week until the event, here are some Cornell DrupalCamp sessions you don’t want to miss:

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Get Ready for Better Email Marketing

Here at Sanmita, we’re constantly developing new tools to help our clients. One of our latest projects is an email marketing tool to help clients improve their enewsletters.  Email marketing is a cornerstone of most digital marketing plans. They are a way to promote your institution or business and a direct connection with potential clients. We want to help you do that more effectively.

The Sanmita team is developing a new email marketing tool that offers innovative ways to track effectiveness and conversion. And, of course, it is customizable and easy-to-use. We are testing it with clients in India, and, in the near future, we will roll this product out to our US clients.

Our email product offers innovative intelligence tools:

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We’ll Say it Again: Think Mobile

Mobile is on our minds daily at Sanmita. We know the majority of mobile consumers have smartphones and a growing number own tablets. That means they’re connected  wherever they go. We want our clients to be ready, either with responsive websites or mobile applications. We determined to maximize your marketing reach with social media and mobile marketing, including text and email campaigns. And we also can help measure your conversion, and evaluate what’s cutting through the clutter.

Next year, we want to push mobile even further. 2014 is expected to be a watershed in mobile web usage and social media. And means boundless new opportunities for digital marketing.

Just how big is mobile getting? The latest figures are striking.

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Sanmita Partners with Cornell’s Boyce Thompson Institute

Sanmita is pleased to welcome one of our newest clients, Boyce Thompson Institute for Plant Research located on Cornell University’s campus, to our growing roster of academic clients. This partnership is particularly exciting because BTI will be using Sanmita‘s exclusive AcademicsWeb CMS (content management system).

Sanmita will be working with BTI to streamline their digital communications to increase awareness about BTI’s 17 faculty-run research laboratories and the impact of their discoveries. BTI’s research aims to speed the development of sustainable agriculture, healthier food production, and alternative energies through research into basic plant research. Their faculty researchers look into what mechanisms plants use to grow, to defend themselves from disease and insects, to use water, and to react to stress.

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Sanmita to be Gold Sponsor for Cornell DrupalCamp 2013

Sanmita, a leader in web solutions for higher education, will be a Gold Sponsor for the upcoming DrupalCamp 2013 at Cornell University. The camp, being held Dec. 2 in Ithaca, N.Y., will build awareness for Drupal‘s open-source software and CMS (content management systems), and attendees will delve into Drupal’s many applications for websites and content management.

Sanmita is a leading user of Drupal technology to build customizable CMSs, and the company is a partner with Acquia, an open-source software company providing products, services, and technical support for Drupal.

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Fresh Look for Mapformation

Maps have never looked so good. Sanmita recently launched a new website for Mapformation, the largest supplier of mapping solutions for higher education in the U.S.. The new site showcases Mapformation’s dynamic maps, and provides an innovative visual search function to view the wide array of maps.

The new website is powered by  Sanmita’s exclusive AcademicsWeb CMS and opted for a hosted solution, with Sanmita handling monitoring and maintenance.

Mapformation creates detailed illustrated maps that can be viewed in two-dimensional or three-dimensional designs. These maps are well-suited for large campuses where users demand different approaching to viewing, from a large overview, to extremely localized and detailed views.

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As Tablets Explode, Are You Ready?

When you look around, does it seem like everyone has a tablet computer?It isn’t your imagination. Tablet penetration is exploding and the robust growth is expected to continue into next year.

Worldwide, shipments of tablets climbed 54% from 2012 to 2013, with 184, 431 units shipping this year, up from 120,203 last year.

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Making the Right Mobile Choices

Here at Sanmita, we’ve been thinking a lot about mobile solutions. Mobile offers opportunities to reach users anytime — as long as they have a smartphone or tablet with them (which most people do these days). And we know they want straightforward design and easy navigation. They want all the features of a desktop site, but tailored for smaller screens.

Ever tried to view a desktop site on your mobile device? It is incredibly frustrating. The content is difficult to read and navigation. Users constantly need to zoom.  But responsive websites make this seamless, adjusting the content to any size screen.

To provide a glimpse of just how important mobile-friendly sites are, Sanmita is building a free tool where you can see how a website looks on a smartphone, tablet and desktop.

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More MBA Grads Are Picking Tech

To freshly-minted MBA graduates, the tech sector is looking like a smart investment.  Increased numbers of MBA grads are joining tech companies, while fewer are taking positions in the finance industry.

The top 13 business schools report steady increases over the last three years in students going to work for tech companies, while students taking jobs in finance has decreased.

At Cornell University’s Johnson Graduate School of Management, for example, 19% of 2013 MBA grads are going to work in technology, up from 12% in 2012, according to data from the Wall Street Journal. At the same time, 30% of MBAs said they were heading to finance jobs, down from 30% the year before.

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Sanmita Welcomes College of Saint Rose

Sanmita is pleased to welcome the College of Saint Rose as its newest client. The college, located in Albany, NY, has selected Sanmita to make its website responsive on mobile devices, which will improve the presentation and user experience.

Sanmita will use its exclusive Smart Filter tool to adapt the College of Saint Rose’s website for mobile. The responsive site is expected to launch in late December. Read more

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