Mobile Use Surges, Smartphones Lead Charge

Across the U.S. and on college campuses, mobile use is exploding. Mobile is no longer the future — it is very much front and center. Now, new research offers some fresh ideas on which devices mobile users favor and what content they are seeking. This is valuable information for higher education web and IT staff.

College students, quite simply, can’t live without their smartphones. An overwhelming 89% of college students own smartphones, according to a new report from Ball State University.  And the ownership has grown quickly. In 2009, about half of college students owned smartphones. The vast majority, 92%, use their phones to access social media, up from 49% four years ago. In addition, in 2014, 74% of college students used their smartphones daily to browse the Internet. Watching video on smartphones has become increasingly popular, with 82% of students reporting using their phones for video in 2014, compared to just 24% in 2009.

These figures offer a few lessons for higher education:

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Supporting Ithaca Motion Picture Project

At Sanmita, we are committed to supporting our partners and our local community organizations. In that spirit, we are pleased to provide financial support to Ithaca Motion Picture Project, a non-profit working to preserve Ithaca, New York’s contributions to the silent movie industry. The organization operates a museum in Ithaca’s waterfront Stewart Park and has exciting plans to renovate the museum and expand its programming.IMPP_Museum220121209171128

Through the museum and its work, the IMPP is helping to increase the visibility of our community and improve our local economy. Sanmita strongly  supports both of these efforts and wants to recognize the IMPP’s excellent work.

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Namgyal Monastery Upgrades to AcademicsWeb CMS

namgyal-monasterWe are thrilled that the Namgyal Monastery Institute of Buddhist Studies, one of our oldest clients, is upgrading to Sanmita’s exclusive AcademicsWeb content management system (CMS).  The switch will give the monastery’s staff more control to update and maintain the website. Sanmita will provide training on AcademicsWeb and ongoing support.

This is an exciting development in our long-standing relationship with the non-profit institution. Sanmita designed Namgyal Monestary’s website nearly ten years ago and built a custom CMS to control the website. In addition, we have provided hosting for the website.  The organization has relied on volunteers to contribute design work and manage website content. However, that made it challenging to maintain the system and keep the website content fresh. The monastery staff realized they needed a more manageable content management system. Sanmita’s AcademicsWeb is a perfect solution!

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New Face of Ithaca Agway

Ithaca Agway is about to reveal its latest project: a dramatic new website. The Sanmita team has put the final touches on Ithaca Agway’s new site, which features more images, expanded content and intuitive navigation. The site will be easy for users to browse and explore the store’s wide array of products and services.2014-04-09 11_14_08-Ithaca Agway-1

The new Ithaca Agway site is powered by our exclusive Academics Web content management system (CMS). The Ithaca Agway staff will be coming to the Sanmita offices for training on Academics Web and the new site. Then the Ithaca Agway team will be ready to input their content and launch the new site.

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Growing the Wheaton Team

As experts in web solutions, we can help our clients tackle any digital project. This time, we’re assisting Wheaton College to grow its web team. Sanmita is leading the search for a new web developer to join Wheaton’s website staff. This is just one aspect of our growing partnership with Wheaton College, located in Norton, Mass.


Sanmita is helping Wheaton evaluate all of its web infrastructure, and we’re advising on strategies to improve the school’s digital products and platforms. Wheaton is intent on improving and expanding its digital and web capabilities, and we are thrilled to be their partners in this process.

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