What Would Venus de Milo Say? The Importance of Mobile Design for Non-Profits

pickford quoteWe’ve been working with Wharton Studio Museum, a cinematic non-profit here in Ithaca, and came across an amusing post on their Facebook page that got us thinking. It was a meme that featured a quote attributed to Mary Pickford: “Adding sound to movies would be like putting lipstick on the Venus de Milo.”

Today of course, we laugh at such a short-sighted statement. But it’s also interesting to consider how reluctantly new technologies can come to be embraced.

Take for example, responsive mobile technology for websites. This is what allows a website to optimize it’s appearance and functionality in response to whatever device is being used for viewing, such as a laptop, tablet, or phone. Responsive design is all the buzz in the world of commercial web development, but it’s lagging in the non-profit world. As of 2014, 84% of non-profit donation landing pages are still not optimized for mobile use (according to Online Fundraising Scorecard).

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Wharton Studio Museum Nears Launch

Wharton Studio MuseumSanmita is pleased to announce that the Wharton Studio Museum website is close to launching!

The goal of the Ithaca Motion Picture Project has been to transform a forgotten silent movie studio into a museum to preserve and celebrate Ithaca’s movie history. Wharton Studio Museum will feature exhibits and programs on the art, science, and history of motion pictures, and will be a vibrant cultural and educational destination in NY State. It’s an exciting project that will serve the community, students, and visitors to this area for many years to come.

A new website is a vital part of establishing the new museum’s identity as this dream is being made a reality. As with most small non profits, WSM needs to squeeze the most out of a small budget. Our AcademicsWeb CMS was an excellent fit for their needs, as it’s scalable structure gives them the flexibility to grow as time goes by, and customizable features ensure they get exactly what they need.

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Local Agway Website Upgrade Now Offered Nationwide

Earlier this year, Sanmita announced our partnership with the local Ithaca Agway to upgrade their dated website.

The project was such a success that we are now offering a similar website upgrade to Agway owners across the country. Powered by our exclusive AcademicsWeb content management system (CMS), the package includes a pre-populated products and services database, saving owners an enormous amount of time and money that would normally go into starting such a database from scratch.

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Have You Tried Our Free Responsive Site Tester?

Do you know how your website looks and performs on different mobile devices?

Sanmita offers a totally free, easy to use online app to test how your website appears across devices. But first, let’s talk about why you need to use it!

According to Microsoft, one half of all local searches are performed on mobile devices. And that trend is only increasing with the proliferation of smartphones and tablets. What does that mean for your website?

If your website isn’t functioning properly on mobile devices, you will lose customers and supporters. Checking mobile functionality has become a vital part of basic website maintenance!

Here’s what you should check your site for:

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Look for Improved Sanmita Website Design Soon!

Be on the watch for Sanmita’s fresh new look in the near future! Our web geniuses are hard at work polishing an array of improvements that will make visits to our site even more engaging and easier to navigate.

What sort of features will you see? According to Sanmita President, Sanjeev Shukla, the new website will focus on three key features:

  • Better Information Architecture – Improved organization of content to more efficiently find what you’re seeking
  • Easy To Use – A bolder, cleaner look that is more user-friendly
  • Improved Focus – Better targeted on what clients want to know about our products, services and projects.

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