Curtains Raise on Wharton Studio Museum Website

Wharton Studio WebsiteCongratulations to the Wharton Studio Museum on the launch of their beautiful new website! Visit to have a look at all the exciting new features, including a Facebook feed, integrated donation engine, and events and news feeds. We love the crisp, clean design and bold colors that make navigating around the site so easy and fun. There’s a wealth of fascinating historical information, too. For example, how about that time in 1915 when dozens of skunks were rented from a skunk farm and brought onto a set…! More about that in just a bit…

We’re especially excited about how well our WordPlus CMS works for this project. WSM needed a site that was dynamic and flexible to accommodate expansion as the museum grows. They also needed to make it easy for supporters to donate online and see upcoming events — all on a limited budget. These goals were met and exceeded by Sanmita’s innovative WordPlus application.

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What You Need To Know About Landing Pages

Agway-Landing-FinalYou’ve probably heard the term thrown around here and there, but if you’re not a web wizard yourself, just exactly what is a landing page, anyway?

In a nutshell, a landing page is any page on your website where visitors can arrive, or land. More specifically, in marketing terms, a landing page is a web page created for a specific purpose, which isn’t integrated into the rest of your website. It’s not accessed via your website’s navigation — a visitor arrives via special invitation, such as a link in an email or social media post.

Landing pages are used to encourage visitors to take a specific action, rather than learn all about your organization or business. They’re often used to promote a sale, get visitors to sign up for something, attend an event, or donate money, for example.

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Introducing Generation Z – Under 20 And Coming On Strong

The “Millennial” generation, born 1976-1994, has been called the most researched generation in history. The well-documented habits and attitudes of these children of the baby boomers are the driving force behind the way businesses and organizations have conducted their marketing for years.

But there’s a new generation starting to take center stage — Generation Z — and while most aren’t yet legal to drink, they are already demonstrating distinct differences in their outlook and choices compared to Millennials.

No matter what your business or organization does, it’s time to get to know Gen Z!

This handy infographic from Marketo encapsulates the trends that are defining America’s youth, who make up over a quarter of the population.

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Three Handy Content Creation Infographics

Content, content, content! By now you realize how content is vital to your website promotion and maintenance.

But where do you get all this content? How do you go about keeping your blog fresh, crafting irresistible email newsletters, and regularly sharing fascinating social media posts?

With all the different options to consider, just finding where to begin can seem overwhelming!

Fortunately, the web itself provides a gold mine of information that can help you create meaningful content.

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4 Ways To Improve Your College Website Right Away

We’re into the dog days of summer, but it’s not too late to make some easy upgrades to your website before students arrive in the fall!  Here are some ideas for easy fixes you can do right away.

1. Take A Look At Other Websites

Have you looked at other college’s websites recently? It’s important to keep up with the competition! Things to look for include ease of navigation, forms, scheduling, user interface and graphic appeal. What things do other sites do better? Identifying areas that could use improvement is a good place to start.

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