Drupal vulnerabilities being actively exploited

Internet securityDrupal, a popular web content platform, released a notification of vulnerabilities in version 7.0 of their software earlier this month. Last week, Drupal announced that the vulnerabilities were being actively exploited and strongly recommended immediate action by Drupal administrators. The details of the vulnerability, exploit, and recovery steps are listed below.

We urge anyone running Drupal on their website to review this information and act accordingly. If you are a customer of the Acquia-hosted Drupal environment, Acquia reported that they have responded to this issue and are confident that their environment is safe.


View online: https://www.drupal.org/PSA-2014-003

* Advisory ID: DRUPAL-PSA-2014-003

* Project: Drupal core [1]

* Version: 7.x

* Date: 2014-October-29

* Security risk: 25/25 ( Highly Critical)

AC:None/A:None/CI:All/II:All/E:Exploit/TD:All [2]

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How To Avoid “Satisficing” Online Forms

Lazy-Cat-1280x1024Have you ever tried to catch up with the news, only to scan headlines rather than reading through articles? Did you ever Google something, and not bother looking past the first page of search results? Have you ever gone online to price a product, and only checked two or three sites rather than the top ten listed?

Then you have been guilty of satisficing!

Don’t worry, though — it’s a totally normal human thing to do. And although it’s a rather obscure term, if you manage website content, you should know what satisficing means.

According to Wikipedia, satisficing is a combination of the words “satisfy” and “sufficing,” and is defined as a decision-making strategy that entails meeting a minimum level of acceptability, as opposed to seeking the best alternative available. In other words, it’s the human tendency to expend the lowest amount of energy to complete a task.

Basically, satisficing is a fancy way of explaining why people tend to be lazy!

Of course, we may prefer to think of satisficing as being expedient or time-efficient… The fact is, life in the digital age tends to be pretty frenzied for most people, and taking the time to thoroughly examine and consider each and every detail simply isn’t feasible — so we get by with “satisficing.”

But when it comes to getting data from your website users through an online form, the tendency to satisfice is more than an oversight: it can result in data errors! So it’s important to know how to create forms that help to circumvent the satisficing habit.

Remember: people overwhelmingly dislike to fill out lengthy forms! Here are a few important ways to satisfice-proof your online forms:

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Is Your Company Up To Speed With Mobile Apps?

sanmita blog handsEarlier this year, HuffPost Business published a compelling blog article entitled, “Mobile Apps Will Transform All Business Processes — Is Your Company Ready?” In it, the author, Daniel Burrus writes about a survey he conducted of over 700 companies, asking whether they’d developed any mobile apps to help them with such things as supply chain management, logistics, purchasing, maintenance, service or sales support. Although there was unanimous agreement that at least half the businesses in their industries would have their own mobile apps within the next two years, he was surprised that only 4% answered that they had actually developed any such apps, considering how widespread smartphones and tablets are used by businesses today. Mr. Burrus concluded that in order to gain a competitive edge, businesses will need to develop their own mobile apps rather than relying on generic, off-the-shelf products.

“The rise of mobile apps for all business functions is a hard trend you can’t ignore.” — Daniel Burrus

So, what is your business or organization doing to get up to speed with mobile apps?

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5 Easy Email Newsletter Tips

Surprised woman reading newspaperEmail newsletters are a great way to stay in touch with your customers and supporters. But getting them out on a regular basis, full of irresistible articles that engage your audience — well, that’s often quite another story!

Actually, email newsletters don’t have to be a burden. Here are five easy tips that can help you fill your newsletter with great content and keep your audience looking for more:


Think about the newsletters you receive — how many long articles do you ever read? Most likely, you skim through looking for something interesting, and if there’s an item you want to know more about, you can follow a link for more information. Remember that your audience has very little time to read, and may be reading your newsletter on a smartphone or tablet while waiting in line or riding the bus. That’s good news for you — you don’t have to write a term paper for each article! A brief paragraph is typically fine, with a link to a blog post or other article for more details if necessary.

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5 Awesome Free Image Resources


image courtesy gratisography.com

If you’re in charge of managing content for a website, social media, or newsletter, you know how important quality images are to getting the attention of your readers. And you also know how difficult it can be to find quality images on a tight budget!

When it comes to image resources, “too much is never enough!” So here are a few links to sites that offer free images for use under public domain or Creative Commons licenses (click on the link for details about what CC is all about).


Beautiful high-resolution scenics and landscapes; ten photos uploaded every ten days.


Public domain photography, including textures and abstracts


Clever high-resolution photographs by Ryan McGuire of Bells Design (make sure to view his site in “Adorable Mode!”)


A couple hundred nifty icons to spice up ho-hum layouts

Lost & Taken

A nice collection of textures you can use to layer for dramatic effects


Thank you to all the creatives who have generously shared their work!


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