September 16, 2023 kkansakar

Building a Better World, one Application at a Time!

Sanmita, a social entrepreneur at heart and in everything we create! 

The world, as we know it, is changing, at a speed that is most unprecedented. Our futuristic vision has manifested itself into the experience that we are living today. From 3D printing to self-driving cars, smart toothbrushes to heart monitoring clothes – everything is just a click away. Technology is reshaping our lives and expectations in ways we couldn’t imagine a decade ago.

Harnessing the power of the same technology, we began our journey more than a decade ago,  with the sole intention to help sectors that produce more farmers, leaders, researchers, planet savers and humanity preservers. Our efforts in empowering them with the best platforms, tech solutions and services, and uncompromised support – we at Sanmita endeavor to deliver a difference.

Supporting the pillars that make the world a better place. Higher education Institutions. Government. Nonprofit organizations.

At Sanmita, we channel our experience, expertise and knowledge to translate technology into easy usable solutions that can save time, cost and energy for organizations across the USA.

Higher Education Institutions

Colleges and universities pride themselves in churning out promising leaders and visionaries of tomorrow. While legacy technology keeps the campus administration running, it is imperative to keep up with the changing times to suit the speed networking and expectations of the students. Our web applications help save time, cut stress and let you focus on strategic decisions and goals. They are built to integrate easily with your system and can be accessed from any device.


We support our local, state and federal governments to boost their digital presence with greater connectivity and communications. Our services include but are not limited to strategy, design and development of digital assets but also deploy effective marketing campaigns and promotions. From research to report out, our team can set up the entire workflow and have you trained to operate it seamlessly.

Nonprofit organizations

Connecting the dots to make fundraising hassle-free. From wealth screening to lead generations, our web solutions are designed to help you reach the community that can get you the funds you need, to support your charity across geographies. Teaming up with you to empower your organization with the right blend of creative strategy and data driven information, so that you can achieve your targets more effectively.


Sanmita is an award-winning strategy, design and technology firm with over 15 years’ experience in working with higher education. Check out our projects, great testimonials from major universities, and our exceptional leadership team.

Let’s build something good together!

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