Introducing Generation Z – Under 20 And Coming On Strong

The “Millennial” generation, born 1976-1994, has been called the most researched generation in history. The well-documented habits and attitudes of these children of the baby boomers are the driving force behind the way businesses and organizations have conducted their marketing for years.

But there’s a new generation starting to take center stage — Generation Z — and while most aren’t yet legal to drink, they are already demonstrating distinct differences in their outlook and choices compared to Millennials.

No matter what your business or organization does, it’s time to get to know Gen Z!

This handy infographic from Marketo encapsulates the trends that are defining America’s youth, who make up over a quarter of the population.

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4 Ways To Improve Your College Website Right Away

We’re into the dog days of summer, but it’s not too late to make some easy upgrades to your website before students arrive in the fall!  Here are some ideas for easy fixes you can do right away.

1. Take A Look At Other Websites

Have you looked at other college’s websites recently? It’s important to keep up with the competition! Things to look for include ease of navigation, forms, scheduling, user interface and graphic appeal. What things do other sites do better? Identifying areas that could use improvement is a good place to start.

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What Would Venus de Milo Say? The Importance of Mobile Design for Non-Profits

pickford quoteWe’ve been working with Wharton Studio Museum, a cinematic non-profit here in Ithaca, and came across an amusing post on their Facebook page that got us thinking. It was a meme that featured a quote attributed to Mary Pickford: “Adding sound to movies would be like putting lipstick on the Venus de Milo.”

Today of course, we laugh at such a short-sighted statement. But it’s also interesting to consider how reluctantly new technologies can come to be embraced.

Take for example, responsive mobile technology for websites. This is what allows a website to optimize it’s appearance and functionality in response to whatever device is being used for viewing, such as a laptop, tablet, or phone. Responsive design is all the buzz in the world of commercial web development, but it’s lagging in the non-profit world. As of 2014, 84% of non-profit donation landing pages are still not optimized for mobile use (according to Online Fundraising Scorecard).

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Wharton Studio Museum Nears Launch

Wharton Studio MuseumSanmita is pleased to announce that the Wharton Studio Museum website is close to launching!

The goal of the Ithaca Motion Picture Project has been to transform a forgotten silent movie studio into a museum to preserve and celebrate Ithaca’s movie history. Wharton Studio Museum will feature exhibits and programs on the art, science, and history of motion pictures, and will be a vibrant cultural and educational destination in NY State. It’s an exciting project that will serve the community, students, and visitors to this area for many years to come.

A new website is a vital part of establishing the new museum’s identity as this dream is being made a reality. As with most small non profits, WSM needs to squeeze the most out of a small budget. Our AcademicsWeb CMS was an excellent fit for their needs, as it’s scalable structure gives them the flexibility to grow as time goes by, and customizable features ensure they get exactly what they need.

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Have You Tried Our Free Responsive Site Tester?

Do you know how your website looks and performs on different mobile devices?

Sanmita offers a totally free, easy to use online app to test how your website appears across devices. But first, let’s talk about why you need to use it!

According to Microsoft, one half of all local searches are performed on mobile devices. And that trend is only increasing with the proliferation of smartphones and tablets. What does that mean for your website?

If your website isn’t functioning properly on mobile devices, you will lose customers and supporters. Checking mobile functionality has become a vital part of basic website maintenance!

Here’s what you should check your site for:

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Look for Improved Sanmita Website Design Soon!

Be on the watch for Sanmita’s fresh new look in the near future! Our web geniuses are hard at work polishing an array of improvements that will make visits to our site even more engaging and easier to navigate.

What sort of features will you see? According to Sanmita President, Sanjeev Shukla, the new website will focus on three key features:

  • Better Information Architecture – Improved organization of content to more efficiently find what you’re seeking
  • Easy To Use – A bolder, cleaner look that is more user-friendly
  • Improved Focus – Better targeted on what clients want to know about our products, services and projects.

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New Face of Ithaca Agway

Ithaca Agway is about to reveal its latest project: a dramatic new website. The Sanmita team has put the final touches on Ithaca Agway’s new site, which features more images, expanded content and intuitive navigation. The site will be easy for users to browse and explore the store’s wide array of products and services.2014-04-09 11_14_08-Ithaca Agway-1

The new Ithaca Agway site is powered by our exclusive Academics Web content management system (CMS). The Ithaca Agway staff will be coming to the Sanmita offices for training on Academics Web and the new site. Then the Ithaca Agway team will be ready to input their content and launch the new site.

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Sanmita Partners with IE Design

usc-vit-dm-thumbWe’re thrilled to reveal a new partnership with IE Design + Communications, a Hermosa Beach, Calif. design firm. The IE team offers tremendous experience in both print and web design. Their skills are a perfect compliment to Sanmita’s deep experience in web and mobile development. Together, we can offer our clients a complete menu of design and development services, bringing expert skills and experience to every aspect of a project including branding, print, web and mobile. With locations on the East Coast and West Coast —   Sanmita in New York and IE in California — our partnership will create new opportunities to engage clients nationwide and offer them an expanded menu of services. We are excited to have them as our partner.

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Mapping Out the New BTI Site

One of our strengths here at Sanmita is information architecture. We’re expert at analyzing a website’s structure and flow, and building sites that offer the best experience, from a home page on down. We want our clients’ websites to showcase their best work, and we strive for users to easily access that information.

Our latest information architecture task is working with our partners at Cornell University’s Boyce Thompson Institute for Plant Research to revamp their site’s structure. BTI offers a dynamic website loaded with great information, but it can be hard for users to navigate. Some of the information is repeated in different sections. We are working with BTI to solve these navigation issues. We’re also helping reorganize the website’s sections. The goal is to improve the BTI site’s flow and organization, while preserving the content that works and streamlining the user experience.

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Why Educational Institutions need Online Marketing?

Branding doesn’t just work in the business world.  It’s everywhere!  Branding in simple words is the perception towards a particular brand. People in general don’t just buy what you do, they rather buy you. The concept of branding equally holds good for schools, colleges and universities. It is crucial getting new students to enrol for your courses and talented faculty and employees aspiring to be part onboard your institution.

Today people are spending a major part of their day online. If we go online, branding is simply website promotion, accomplished with the help of online marketing. Online branding for educational institutions is mainly done through online marketing and advertising campaigns which includes online search engine marketing etc. But make sure that you have a consistent theme throughout different channels. This is recommended by most of the internet marketing consultant. These online branding tools and techniques are sure to establish a positively differentiated presence for your institution in the market.

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