Every Project Has A Story To Tell

Sanmita PortfolioWhen you’ve developed as many websites as we have, you can’t help but marvel at how each individual project presents a unique set of challenges, circumstances and achievements. Each one really does have its own story — and people love to hear stories!

An online portfolio is an excellent way to showcase achievements and build credibility with your users. Individual stories can take the abstraction out of your content and make it more relevant to your audience. And don’t forget SEO — external links always help to improve your rankings!

Take a little stroll through the portfolio section of our website, and click on an image to read the case history. Each is a little story about the particular issue or issues we had to address, and what we did to find a solution.

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Sanmita To The Rescue!

Imagine building a great website that attracts 99% of your business. The site is powered by a really nifty tool that beautifully showcases your products.

Now, imagine that the creator of that tool decides to pull the plug and remove it from the web entirely, effectively removing all your products from the internet? And just to make things interesting, you’re given only 30 days to find another solution and get it online?

Unfortunately, this is no imaginary situation!

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Web-Based Technologies Are Shaping The Future of Higher Education. Is Your College Ready?

Since 2012, the nonprofit open online course (MOOC) provider known as edX has partnered with over 50 institutions and attracted some 2.5 million students from every country in the world.  The combination of new technologies applied to non-traditional learning methods is proving to be a revolutionizing force in higher education.

At a recent Campus Technology Conference, edX CEO Anant Agarwal told participants that the methods being used by edX can be incorporated within a blended learning environment to improve student success rates and better understand student learning behavior.

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Curtains Raise on Wharton Studio Museum Website

Wharton Studio WebsiteCongratulations to the Wharton Studio Museum on the launch of their beautiful new website! Visit http://www.whartonstudiomuseum.org/ to have a look at all the exciting new features, including a Facebook feed, integrated donation engine, and events and news feeds. We love the crisp, clean design and bold colors that make navigating around the site so easy and fun. There’s a wealth of fascinating historical information, too. For example, how about that time in 1915 when dozens of skunks were rented from a skunk farm and brought onto a set…! More about that in just a bit…

We’re especially excited about how well our WordPlus CMS works for this project. WSM needed a site that was dynamic and flexible to accommodate expansion as the museum grows. They also needed to make it easy for supporters to donate online and see upcoming events — all on a limited budget. These goals were met and exceeded by Sanmita’s innovative WordPlus application.

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