Free Resource: Content Audit Template

The goal of a content audit is to understand the current state of your website content, i.e. what content is relevant, what can be merged with other content and what can be safely removed. You can then analyze the information and organize the content based upon  your users feedback, industry trends and site analytics. Theoretically, it seems a very simple process, but in practice, conducting a site audit can be a messy exercise if you don’t have a plan in place. Some reasons to conduct content audits include:

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Is Drupal Secure?

It’s essential that you have security at the forefront of your website projects to keep your data and visitors safe.


Most websites only need to worry about automated security attacks. These kind of attacks have a very low success rate, but they still happen. High risk websites have to worry about someone trying to actively hack their site. Usually this happens because of a few reasons:
  • Your website has information worth stealing (ex. ecommerce site with membership records)
  • Your website has a lot of visitors
  • Someone wants to shut your website down

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Surviving Site Migration

It’s officially fall, and here in upstate New York that means trees are starting their annual wardrobe change into spectacular shades of gold and crimson. The days are starting to get shorter, and the honking of Canada geese migrating south for the winter reverberates in the crisp air.

flock of migrating canada geese birds flying at sunsetMigrating geese are a wonder to behold: one can’t help but stop and marvel at the sight of dozens upon dozens of the large birds filling the sky as they fly noisily overhead in their characteristic “V” shaped formation.

Migrating websites, on the other hand, tends to inspire looks of terror and loathing!

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