Is Your Company Up To Speed With Mobile Apps?

sanmita blog handsEarlier this year, HuffPost Business published a compelling blog article entitled, “Mobile Apps Will Transform All Business Processes — Is Your Company Ready?” In it, the author, Daniel Burrus writes about a survey he conducted of over 700 companies, asking whether they’d developed any mobile apps to help them with such things as supply chain management, logistics, purchasing, maintenance, service or sales support. Although there was unanimous agreement that at least half the businesses in their industries would have their own mobile apps within the next two years, he was surprised that only 4% answered that they had actually developed any such apps, considering how widespread smartphones and tablets are used by businesses today. Mr. Burrus concluded that in order to gain a competitive edge, businesses will need to develop their own mobile apps rather than relying on generic, off-the-shelf products.

“The rise of mobile apps for all business functions is a hard trend you can’t ignore.” — Daniel Burrus

So, what is your business or organization doing to get up to speed with mobile apps?

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