Introducing Generation Z – Under 20 And Coming On Strong

The “Millennial” generation, born 1976-1994, has been called the most researched generation in history. The well-documented habits and attitudes of these children of the baby boomers are the driving force behind the way businesses and organizations have conducted their marketing for years.

But there’s a new generation starting to take center stage — Generation Z — and while most aren’t yet legal to drink, they are already demonstrating distinct differences in their outlook and choices compared to Millennials.

No matter what your business or organization does, it’s time to get to know Gen Z!

This handy infographic from Marketo encapsulates the trends that are defining America’s youth, who make up over a quarter of the population.

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Three Handy Content Creation Infographics

Content, content, content! By now you realize how content is vital to your website promotion and maintenance.

But where do you get all this content? How do you go about keeping your blog fresh, crafting irresistible email newsletters, and regularly sharing fascinating social media posts?

With all the different options to consider, just finding where to begin can seem overwhelming!

Fortunately, the web itself provides a gold mine of information that can help you create meaningful content.

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What Would Venus de Milo Say? The Importance of Mobile Design for Non-Profits

pickford quoteWe’ve been working with Wharton Studio Museum, a cinematic non-profit here in Ithaca, and came across an amusing post on their Facebook page that got us thinking. It was a meme that featured a quote attributed to Mary Pickford: “Adding sound to movies would be like putting lipstick on the Venus de Milo.”

Today of course, we laugh at such a short-sighted statement. But it’s also interesting to consider how reluctantly new technologies can come to be embraced.

Take for example, responsive mobile technology for websites. This is what allows a website to optimize it’s appearance and functionality in response to whatever device is being used for viewing, such as a laptop, tablet, or phone. Responsive design is all the buzz in the world of commercial web development, but it’s lagging in the non-profit world. As of 2014, 84% of non-profit donation landing pages are still not optimized for mobile use (according to Online Fundraising Scorecard).

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Wharton Studio Museum Nears Launch

Wharton Studio MuseumSanmita is pleased to announce that the Wharton Studio Museum website is close to launching!

The goal of the Ithaca Motion Picture Project has been to transform a forgotten silent movie studio into a museum to preserve and celebrate Ithaca’s movie history. Wharton Studio Museum will feature exhibits and programs on the art, science, and history of motion pictures, and will be a vibrant cultural and educational destination in NY State. It’s an exciting project that will serve the community, students, and visitors to this area for many years to come.

A new website is a vital part of establishing the new museum’s identity as this dream is being made a reality. As with most small non profits, WSM needs to squeeze the most out of a small budget. Our AcademicsWeb CMS was an excellent fit for their needs, as it’s scalable structure gives them the flexibility to grow as time goes by, and customizable features ensure they get exactly what they need.

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Supporting Ithaca Motion Picture Project

At Sanmita, we are committed to supporting our partners and our local community organizations. In that spirit, we are pleased to provide financial support to Ithaca Motion Picture Project, a non-profit working to preserve Ithaca, New York’s contributions to the silent movie industry. The organization operates a museum in Ithaca’s waterfront Stewart Park and has exciting plans to renovate the museum and expand its programming.IMPP_Museum220121209171128

Through the museum and its work, the IMPP is helping to increase the visibility of our community and improve our local economy. Sanmita strongly  supports both of these efforts and wants to recognize the IMPP’s excellent work.

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Namgyal Monastery Upgrades to AcademicsWeb CMS

namgyal-monasterWe are thrilled that the Namgyal Monastery Institute of Buddhist Studies, one of our oldest clients, is upgrading to Sanmita’s exclusive AcademicsWeb content management system (CMS).  The switch will give the monastery’s staff more control to update and maintain the website. Sanmita will provide training on AcademicsWeb and ongoing support.

This is an exciting development in our long-standing relationship with the non-profit institution. Sanmita designed Namgyal Monestary’s website nearly ten years ago and built a custom CMS to control the website. In addition, we have provided hosting for the website.  The organization has relied on volunteers to contribute design work and manage website content. However, that made it challenging to maintain the system and keep the website content fresh. The monastery staff realized they needed a more manageable content management system. Sanmita’s AcademicsWeb is a perfect solution!

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Rethinking Content Management

Planning a website redesign? The content management systems (CMS) is a critical component.  Your CMS is the power behind your website and it is essential to your project’s success. Among our many services here at Sanmita, we’re proud to offer our own exclusive CMS, AcademicsWeb. Contrary to its name, AcademicsWeb isn’t just for higher education — it a customizable CMS that can work for any industry.

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