Key in 2014: Ramp Up Social Media Marketing

Attention marketers: Social media marketing should top your to-do list for 2014. Mobile usage is exploding and social media commands a large share of time on mobile devices. That means fresh opportunities to develop social media strategies and expand your reach.

Just how rapidly is mobile use growing?  In the U.S., adults will spend an estimated 1:03 per day on tablets in 2014, up from 40 minutes per day in 2013 and just 20 minutes per day in 2012. Smartphone usage jumped dramatically too, to an estimated 1:07 per day in 2014 from 43 minutes per day in 2013 and 22 minutes per day in 2012, according to

Meanwhile, online computer time is tapering off, down to 2:19 per day in 2014 from 2:27 per day in 2013 and 2:33 in 2012.

Social media is the top activity on these mobile devices. In 2014, social media will command 28.4% of smart phone usage and 19% of tablet usage.

To increase social media marketing, think of fresh ways to engage your users.

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Beyond Facebook: Fresh Plays on Social Media

As our higher ed friends hunker down for finals, we’re looking ahead to 2014. One hot topic: What’s next for higher ed in social media. By now, most schools are firmly established on Facebook and Twitter. So we’re thinking of some of the up-and-coming networks.

Colleges and universities are always looking for fresh digital marketing ideas and social media offers opportunities to connect in fresh, unusual ways. For 2014, consider ramping up your school’s presence on fast-growing Instragram and Pinterest.

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We’ll Say it Again: Think Mobile

Mobile is on our minds daily at Sanmita. We know the majority of mobile consumers have smartphones and a growing number own tablets. That means they’re connected  wherever they go. We want our clients to be ready, either with responsive websites or mobile applications. We determined to maximize your marketing reach with social media and mobile marketing, including text and email campaigns. And we also can help measure your conversion, and evaluate what’s cutting through the clutter.

Next year, we want to push mobile even further. 2014 is expected to be a watershed in mobile web usage and social media. And means boundless new opportunities for digital marketing.

Just how big is mobile getting? The latest figures are striking.

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As Tablets Explode, Are You Ready?

When you look around, does it seem like everyone has a tablet computer?It isn’t your imagination. Tablet penetration is exploding and the robust growth is expected to continue into next year.

Worldwide, shipments of tablets climbed 54% from 2012 to 2013, with 184, 431 units shipping this year, up from 120,203 last year.

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Look Your Best on Social Media

If a picture is worth a thousand words, on social media, photos are worth even more. Having dynamic photos and video content on social networks can build awareness for your school. 

Most schools are active on popular social media sites, including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. But there could, and should, be more pictures and video. Social media should be multimedia.

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Is Facebook Worth Your Marketing Dollars?

As marketers survey the social media landscape, Facebook seems an obvious choice for ad dollars. But a new survey says Facebook may be least effective use of your digital marketing budget. Given Facebook’s reach, it sounds dubious. After all, the social networking site boasts about 1.1 billion users worldwide. And Facebook says it has more than a million active advertisers including all of the Ad Age 100. But Facebook ranked last among digital marketers asked how satisfied they were with the business value of using 13 digital channels, including LinkedIn, Twitter and Google Plus. Read more

More Faculty Using Social Media in Teaching

Social media is moving rapidly into the classroom —  but we’re not talking about students tweeting and blogging during lectures. Rather, a growing number of faculty members are using social media to engage and instruct students.

In 2013, more than half of college faculty said they are using social media as a professional tool, up from about 45% in 2012. And 41% of those faculty members use social media as a teaching tool.

It is smart way to connect with college students. Young adults are heavy users of social networking sites. They’re also almost always connected. Among adults 18 to 34 years old, 89% use smartphones and 63% own tablets. 

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Recruiting Needs a Digital Refresh

As college admissions directors worry about enrollment, digital marketing is more important than ever. Young Americans — those tech-savvy teens that colleges are trying to reach — are heavy users of mobile and social media. That means higher ed marketers need fresh digital techniques to connect.

What has universities and colleges so worried? A recent survey shows that this year, only 41 percent of admissions directors achieved their new student enrollment goals as of May 1, according to the Inside Higher Ed “2013 Survey of College and University Admissions Directors conducted with Gallup Inc. research.

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Why You Need Better Mobile Products Now

Are you mobile products as sophisticated as your website? Answer honestly. If not, you better make improvements — and fast. Smartphone and tablet usage in the US is soaring and marketers need to be ready with mobile apps and responsive websites.

The latest figures show 74% of U.S. mobile phone users now own smartphones, up from 58% in 2012, according to research firm Frank N. Magid  Associates.

Tablet penetration is climbing quickly too. Among mobile consumers, 52% now own tablets, up from 33% last year.

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Why More People Should Watch Your Videos

Online video usage is soaring, with young and older adults increasingly posting and viewing videos.  And that means fresh marketing opportunities for organizations to reach users with targeted video messages.

Among adult Internet users, 78% now watch or download videos online, up from 69% in 2009, according to new data from the Pew Research Center’s Internet Project.

In addition, 31% of adult Internet users are now posting video, up from 14% three years ago, according to Pew research.


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