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Cornell DrupalCamp 2013 Preview

Cornell DrupalCamp 2013 is just one week away and this is one you don’t want to miss. The university’s first-ever Drupal event is loaded with informative sessions whether you’re just starting out or a Drupal expert.


For a quick refresher: Drupal is a free, open-source content framework that is used to power about 2% of websites worldwide, including many higher education websites. Sanmita builds Drupal-based content management systems (CMS) for many of our higher education clients. Drupal works well for dynamic websites rich with multimedia and data, and multiple users. Sanmita is also a partner with Acquia, the for-profit company that provides Drupal consulting and support.

Sanmita is thrilled to be a Gold Sponsor for the Cornell DrupalCamp2013. With just a week until the event, here are some Cornell DrupalCamp sessions you don’t want to miss:

  • Keynote Address: Power of Drupal in Higher Education. Acquia’s GM for Higher Education, Chris Hartigan, will share how Drupal can improve university and college’s websites and mobile products. Look for him to tout Drupal’s advantages, including customization, security, reliability and lower costs. We’re sure he’ll bring some great examples to drive his points home.
  • Building a Drupal Distribution at Weill Cornell Medical Center: Come hear a first-hand from the web communications team at Weill Cornell Medical Center on their experience creating a Drupal distribution system, including the planning, execution, and advantages and disadvantages.
  • Birds of a Feather: Responsive Design: The camp will offer  several Birds of a Feather sessions, where participants get to decide the agenda and have an open discussion.The Responsive Design session is centered on a a hot topic:  The best way to optimize your website on all viewing platforms, including the smaller screens of mobile devices. Responsive design ensures websites will adapt to any size screen, improving the user experience. Attendees are sure to share their differing strategies and concerns.
  • Focus For Drupal: Open to all skill levels, this session will address common problems with Drupal, including issues with design, developments, and user experience, and attendees will share solutions. Developers, site administrators and content editors are all encouraged to attend. They’ll leave time for technical concerns as well.

This is just a sampling of the great agenda planned for Cornell DrupalCamp 2013. While you’re there, come find us at the Sanmita table. Let us show you how we can put our 10+ years of experience building websites for higher education clients to work for your university or college! institution.


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