August 29, 2014 Debbie Misra

Curtains Raise on Wharton Studio Museum Website

Wharton Studio WebsiteCongratulations to the Wharton Studio Museum on the launch of their beautiful new website! Visit to have a look at all the exciting new features, including a Facebook feed, integrated donation engine, and events and news feeds. We love the crisp, clean design and bold colors that make navigating around the site so easy and fun. There’s a wealth of fascinating historical information, too. For example, how about that time in 1915 when dozens of skunks were rented from a skunk farm and brought onto a set…! More about that in just a bit…

We’re especially excited about how well our WordPlus CMS works for this project. WSM needed a site that was dynamic and flexible to accommodate expansion as the museum grows. They also needed to make it easy for supporters to donate online and see upcoming events — all on a limited budget. These goals were met and exceeded by Sanmita’s innovative WordPlus application.

The launch of the website coincides with a busy time for WSM as they prepare for Silent Movie Month in October, and celebrate their 4th Annual Silent Movie Night Under The Stars at beautiful Taughannock Falls State Park with live music by Cloud Chamber Orchestra. Sanmita is proud to play a part in preserving this important piece of Ithaca’s past for future generations to enjoy. If you’re in the area, make sure to check and see what events are on the calendar; you’re sure to have a unique and enjoyable experience to share with family and visitors.

Now about those skunks. Apparently, several dozen skunks were brought from a skunk farm in nearby Caroline for a movie shoot. After some of the wily critters escaped and sprayed the crew and actors, the set had to be closed down and aired out. Probably a good thing that it was a silent film!


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