July 30, 2019 Debbie Misra

Every Project Has A Story To Tell

Sanmita PortfolioWhen you’ve developed as many websites as we have, you can’t help but marvel at how each individual project presents a unique set of challenges, circumstances and achievements. Each one really does have its own story — and people love to hear stories!

An online portfolio is an excellent way to showcase achievements and build credibility with your users. Individual stories can take the abstraction out of your content and make it more relevant to your audience. And don’t forget SEO — external links always help to improve your rankings!

Take a little stroll through the portfolio section of our website, and click on an image to read the case history. Each is a little story about the particular issue or issues we had to address, and what we did to find a solution.

For example, have a look at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology case history. This popular site gets literally tens of thousands of visits per week. Our task was to integrate web services for their advertisements, and optimize ways to increase their email list. Lots of organizations are faced with these same issues, but until you place them in an actual story, they may remain abstract and inaccessible.

Quite a few of our case histories involve turning projects around with very tight deadlines, such as the Cornell University Center for a Sustainable Future. How quickly can we get a job done? Take a look and find out! (you do want to find out, don’t you?!) That’s the power of storytelling!

Sanmita works with all sorts of clients — in higher education, business, government, and non-profits. One of the interesting things about the portfolio we’re using is that it can sort by category, which is a nifty trick when you’ve got a lot of projects you’d like to share with your visitors. If you sort by “Non-Profit,” one of the projects you’ll see is for Namgyal Monastery, a Buddhist institute and North American seat of H.H. the Dalai Lama. Check out the case history to see how we addressed some of the special challenges of developing an online presence for an ancient institution.

Contact us if you’d like to know more about how to incorporate a portfolio in your website! Sanmita can help your site tell the stories that will make your visitors into friends.



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