March 26, 2016 debbie.m

Growing Sanmita’s Services

At Sanmita, we are always reinventing and exploring new ways to assist our higher ed clients. With our deep experience with web solutions, we help our clients maximize their web, mobile and digital products. Now, we want to grow these relationships even deeper. So we’re in the early stages of planning exciting new products and services.

One promising new project is a collaboration with our partners at Cornell’s Boyce Thompson Institute for Plant Research. We already have a strong relationship with BTI, having worked on the BTI website and advising on digital communications. Now, Sanmita is stepping into a new role as advisor on BTI’s annual report. The BTI team wants to rebrand its annual report that goes out to donors and supporter. The goal is to make the report more engaging, with a fresh layout and new messaging.

To assist BTI, we’re drawing on our experience creating many types of reports. We’ll also work with our new design partners at IE Design + Communications. Together, we plan to build a catalog of this type of work, and present a fresh product for BTI. In the future, we could offer this service to other higher education institutions.

Another promising area where Sanmita may expand is higher education policy consulting. With our digital expertise, we could advise higher ed institutions on a range of digital issues, including computer security, social media policy, content recycling and online learning.

Finally,  we may be launching instructional design and instructional content services. Drawing on our web design and development experience, we could assist schools, departments and faculty in designing online courses, including graphics, video and text. As online courses grow and even more traditional “classroom” courses add online components, our experience could help schools develop these products and maximize their potential.

What type of services does your institution or organization need? Contact Sanmita and let’s start a conversation on how we can help.

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