January 27, 2014 debbie.m

Growing Ties with BTI

Sanmita is deepening its relationship with Cornell University’s Boyce Thompson Institute for Plant Research, with Sanmita CEO and Founder Sanjeev Shukla now acting as BTI’s director of digital communications.

In this new role, Shukla will oversee BTI’s digital communications portfolio, including the website, social media and electronic news products. He will work in conjunction with BTI and the Sanmita team. This is a natural extension of Sanmita’s existing partnership with BTI and will improve coordination and digital strategy. Sanmita already manages design, programming and maintenance for the BTI website.  With Shukla in his new role, Sanmita and BTI can better coordinate and implement website strategy and digital programs.


Sanmita is also helping BTI with several website upgrades. We have moved the BTI website from a third-party hosting company to our own hosting service. Even more exciting, BTI’s new website is powered by our exclusive content management system (CMS), AcademicsWeb. With our CMS, we are able to customize the system to meet BTI’s needs. We can do this for any other client as well!

Also, Sanmita is upgrading the BTI information architecture. Using Google Analytics, focus groups and feedback from BTI staff, we will restructure the site’s architecture. This will help improve the website’s flow and organize, preserving content that works and streamlining the experience. From the user’s perspective, this work is behind-the-scenes, and the website’s overall look and feel with remain consistent.

Sanmita can provide these services and more to other higher ed clients. Contact us to see how we can help improve your digital communications, website and mobile products.

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