July 2, 2019 Debbie Misra

Generation Z – Under 20 And Coming On Strong

The “Millennial” generation, born 1976-1994, has been called the most researched generation in history. The well-documented habits and attitudes of these children of the baby boomers are the driving force behind the way businesses and organizations have conducted their marketing for years.

But there’s a new generation starting to take center stage — Generation Z — and while most aren’t yet legal to drink, they are already demonstrating distinct differences in their outlook and choices compared to Millennials.

No matter what your business or organization does, it’s time to get to know Gen Z!

This handy infographic from Marketo encapsulates the trends that are defining America’s youth, who make up over a quarter of the population.

Essentially, Gen Z is described as highly internet-savvy, self-driven, and socially conscious. They are drawn to DIY and causes. Some of the interesting points that stand out to us are:


  • Over 50% use YouTube or social media for school research projects;
  • Over 30% collaborate or watch lessons online
  • 20% read textbooks on tablets.


  • 60% of Gen Z’s want their jobs to have an impact in the world
  • 26% of 16-19 year olds already volunteer.


  • Marketing to Gen Z needs to communicate to a diverse audience in short, “snackable” bites of content that taps into their curious, entrepreneurial spirit.
  • Take advantage of opportunities to build expertise, inspire, and collaboratively connect.

Is your website ready for Generation Z? Contact Sanmita to discuss ways we can help you implement the latest technologies and prepare for the future!

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