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Now Available: Our Responsive Design Tool

Just how ubiquitous are mobile devices?  Take a look around on the bus, a plane or a restaurant, and you’ll see most people using a device. Smart phones and tablets users are untethered and free to browse, shop and share from anywhere. For marketers, this creates opportunities to reach potential clients no matter where they are.

But, when mobile users go to your website, what do they see? Does your website look like a shrunken version of its desktop iteration, with tiny print, crammed navigation and miniscule photos? Or does it adjust, preserving key information and images at a usable size?  If it is responsive to any device, you’re in a great position.

A responsive website automatically adjusts to any screen size and any device. This creates a positive user experience and helps your institution or business improve reach.

Want to check if a website is responsive? Sanmita can help. We’re so committed to responsive design, we’ve developed a complimentary tool to check if any website is responsive. With our tool, you can see how a site looks on a tablet, smartphone and desktop.

Come try it out:
Check out our responsive design tester.Picture 5

Our tester allows you to input any website address and then select the device you want to see it on. You can even navigate through a website, to see additional pages and test features.

At Sanmita, we emphasize the importance of responsive design with all of our clients.  We understand, however, there are obstacles to launching a responsive website.  Our clients tell us there are concerns over budget and time. Many have spent months — even years — planning and implementing website redesigns and can’t undertake an overhaul to go responsive.

Sanmita offers a solution for this as well. We’ve developed exclusive smart filter technology that takes any existing website and makes it responsive. Because we’re not doing a complete website redesign, this solution is faster and more cost-effective. We can typically deliver the filter technology in 4 weeks and for 1/3 of the cost of a responsive web redesign.

We can host the responsive filter on our servers, or work with your existing host. To speed up the process, Sanmita can also implement the solution. That’s just what we’re doing for our client Texas Wesleyan University. Initially, Texas Wesleyan selected Sanmita to develop a responsive design filter for its website, and recently requested that we implement the solution for them. Once that process is completed, the Texas Wesleyan site will be fully responsive.

Contact Sanmita to see how we can help make your website responsive.

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