April 23, 2014 Debbie Misra

Namgyal Monastery Upgrades to AcademicsWeb CMS

We are thrilled that the Namgyal Monastery Institute of Buddhist Studies, one of our oldest clients, is upgrading to Sanmita’s exclusive AcademicsWeb content management system (CMS).  The switch will give the monastery’s staff more control to update and maintain the website. Sanmita will provide training on AcademicsWeb and ongoing support.

This is an exciting development in our long-standing relationship with the non-profit institution. Sanmita designed Namgyal Monestary’s website over ten years ago and built a custom CMS to control the website. In addition, we have provided hosting for the website.  The organization has relied on volunteers to contribute design work and manage website content. However, that made it challenging to maintain the system and keep the website content fresh. The monastery staff realized they needed a more manageable content management system. Sanmita’s AcademicsWeb is a perfect solution!

With AcademicsWeb, our team can customize a CMS to meet the needs of any non-profit organization, business or higher education institution. We tailor the CMS to meet an organization’s individual needs. We also provide training, which can be on-site, in our offices or online. And, of course, we offer ongoing support during the transition to AcademicsWeb and down the line. We have a wide variety of clients using AcademicsWeb, including higher education clients like the Boyce Thompson Institute for Plant Research at Cornell University. Our small business client Ithaca Agway will use AcademicsWeb to power its new website, which is launching soon. And another non-profit client, the Ithaca Motion Picture Project, is also transitioning to our CMS.

When Namgyal Monastery moves to AcademicsWeb, Sanmita will train at least two staff members on the system. This way, they will be able to update, control and publish content. This will allow the monastery to share news with the community, such as new classes or the arrival of a new monk.

Sanmita will continue to provide hosting services for the website. In our discussions, we were asked why Namgyal should use our hosting services when there are less expensive options on the market. The answer is reliability. With less expensive options, organizations are often dismayed to find there website goes down intermittently. That’s not the case with Sanmita’s clients. In the decade that we’ve hosted the Namgyal website, it has never gone offline. Our hosting services have successfully supported sites getting over a million hits a month. We monitor and backup each site so that you can focus on your business.

Check back for more news about Namgyal Monastery’s transition to AcademicsWeb and our ongoing partnership.

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