Carl Vinson
Institute of Government

Carl Vinson

Institute of Government

Founded in 1927, the Carl Vinson Institute of Government has worked tirelessly with public officials both throughout the state of Georgia and around the world to improve governance techniques and the lives those officials governed.

Business Need

Sanmita partnered with the Carl Vinson Institute of Government to develop a new theme for the OmniUpdate CMS, a custom CMS designed particulary for use by higher education. As CVIOG was using a specific and custom CMS, they needed a team who could adapt quickly to unknowns and work in concert with other vendors.

Key Challenges

  • CVIOG’s first concern was the look and feel of the site – they needed their new theme to improve the aesthetics of the site, as well as handle a variety of different page types and designs.
  • A primary concern for the user’s experience was a comprehensive and intuitive navigation component, one that could succinctly share the breadth of CVIOG’s offerings.
  • OmniUpdate – later known as OU Campus – was a CMS developed with use by higher education in mind, but the vendor contracted by CVIOG to provide the CMS did not have much experience templating out sites or with visual design.


  • Sanmita provided CVIOG with close to 20 templates to handle various possible page configurations, and developed these templates to be extremely modular so that CVIOG’s team could extract components from templates for custom combination as needed.
  • In order to provide an informative navigation, Sanmita developed a clean megamenu which would provide users with easy access to high-level information about the various site sections as well as links to secondary audience landing pages.
  • Sanmita worked efficiently and collaboratively with the OmniUpdate vendor to build and deploy the new theme overhaul, bringing their ability to adapt to new frameworks, design and theme development knowledge, and synergistic spirit to the table to reduce miscommunication incidents and to ensure everyone’s strengths were able to shine.


Through their partnership with Sanmita, CVIOG and their OmniUpdate vender were able to create a very robust and modular site which was fully accessible and mobile-friendly while addressing CVIOG’s concerns with both multi-vendor collaboration and visual design.

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