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Office of the Human Resources

Mission – To collectively support an environment of inclusive excellence in scholarship where students, staff and faculty of Cornell learn, work and live as a community.


    Visual Design, Drupal 7, File Aggregation & Distribution, Community Engagement


Business Need

As the central HR office for all Cornell’s departments, the Office of Human Resources needed to be able to interact easily with any and all Cornell departments, and had the broader goal of conveying that the Cornell community was a place to build a career instead of just hold a job. Additionally, they wanted to have scalable and accessible site architecture to streamline the process of document sharing.

Key Challenges

  • To promote engagement with the site, the Office of Human Resources requested a component be integrated into the site to automatically provide users with additional content that may be of interest to them.
  • The Office wanted a robust solution for document storage and retrieval to better streamline their workflow interactions with Cornell community members.
  • Unique to the Office, the stakeholders for the project spanned many departments who managed not only human resources, but also budgets.


  • Sanmita implemented a sidebar component to provide additional relevant content to promote engagement, as well as integrate a component which highlighted the tangible and intangible benefits of the Cornell and greater Ithaca community. Sanmita also provided easy integration with Google Calendars, allowing users to add an upcoming community event to their calendar with a single click.
  • Leveraging the Apache Solr search engine, Sanmita provided a fast, filterable, and searchable repository of all needed documents. Additionally, Sanmita integrated a Print to PDF function into each page which allowed for content to be printed in an aesthetically pleasing and Cornell Human Resources-branded manner.
  • To ensure the broadest usability possible, Sanmita worked to provide very robust basic pages which could accommodate a variety of media and presentation styles (accordions, responsive tables, captioned images) in order to provide the greatest flexibility for stakeholders.


The Office of Human Resources site became a central point of access for all HR-related documentation, as well as an easily accessible repository of documentation for the same. The Office also gained new ways to increase engagment within the community as well as simplified and accessible workflows.

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