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Cornell University

Office of Research

The Research Division, headed by the Vice Provost for Research, enables and advances the university’s research priorities as well as research activities of Cornell colleges, schools, and research centers, institutes, and laboratories.

Business Need

The Research Division found Sanmita while searching the market for team who knows Drupal inside and out, could maintain and extend an existing site, and would work quickly to deploy solutions.

Key Challenges

  • During their initial site construction with a different company, the Division ran into issues with the initial deployment and wanted to avoid this issue in the future.
  • Additionally, the initial site construction by the previous company was not done in a Drupal-oriented manner which lead to issues down the line requiring various patches to meet Drupal coding standards – the Division expected Drupal-oriented, correct code development and deployment the first time.
  • The Division also required a team who would provide clear and comprehensive documentation of new site features while also documenting existing site components.
  • Finally, the Division wanted an accessibility-focused team who could handle the task of addressing existing accessibility concerns while not introducing new accessibility issues through feature deployment.


  • Sanmita provided site hosting through Acquia to help streamline the code deployment process and also suggested a weekly schedule for updates instead of an ad-hoc one.
  • As a Drupal-oriented team, Sanmita takes into account current Drupal coding standards from the first line of code, ensuring best practices.
  • Sanmita aims to provide feature documentation which is easily understandable and easy to follow, allowing for seamless integration of new site features.
  • At client reqeuest, Sanmita engaged in a site-wide iterative accessibility audit, reviewing and improving upon the underlying structural accessibility issues of the site. Over the course of this process, the Research Division’s site has risen to a SiteImprove score of 83.8, 11.2 points above the industry average of 72.6.


Since partnering with Cornell’s Research Division, Sanmita has launched several successful projects, such as a visualization page to show year-end statistics, an overhaul of the portion of the site focusing on innovation from alumni, and an extension of the site to provide information about the new Presidential Postdoctoral Fellowship while also highlighting the larger community of Cornell fellows. Sanmita is also proud to have overseen a large increase in site accessibility.

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