The Export-Import Bank of the United States (Ex-Im Bank) is the official export credit agency that facilitates sales between national governments and U.S. companies to provide export financing.  With more than 70 years of experience, Ex-Im Bank has supported over $400 billion of U.S. exports.

Business Need:

The Ex-Im Bank had an existing website and decided to purchase a CommonSpot license in order to help them manage their website.  In addition to migrating the site, they needed to connect the new CommonSpot site with their Oracle database and integrate their e-newsletter application, Lyris.  Ex-Im Bank contracted a local technology support company with which they had an existing relationship, Washington Technology Group (WTG), to help with the migration and integration process.  WTG outsourced the project to a smaller vendor who, part-way through the project, dropped the project and left no documentation or information about the progress.

Ex-Im Bank and WTG solicited Sanmita Inc. at this point to help finish the project.  Sanmita successfully migrated the old Ex-Im Bank website onto the CommonSpot platform, connected the site to Ex-Im Bank’s Oracle database, and integrated the Lyris e-newsletter application.

Key Challenges:

  • There was no documentation left by the previous vendor about the progress of the project.  This wasted valuable time, money, and other resources for Ex-Im Bank.
  • Sanmita had to begin the project from scratch and finish it within the remaining schedule and budget constraints originally placed upon the project.


In partnership with Washington Technology Group, Sanmita Inc. helped Ex-Im Bank complete CommonSpot forms migration and Lyris integration, under the tight schedule and cost constraints.  Sanmita also advised the client on CommonSpot Server architecture necessary to improve site performance and scalability.  The diagnosis of the server’s optimal needs was outside the scope of the project, but the client was very grateful for the effort and suggestions in addition to being satisfied with the successful completion of the project.


  • Estimated hours of work: 100 hrs. (40 hrs. consulting, 40 hrs. migration, and 20 hrs testing).
  • Actual hours of work: 60 hrs. (20 hrs. consulting, 30 hrs. migration, and 10 hrs. resolving issues out of the original project scope).

Ex-Im Bank operates within ever-changing global markets.  By handling the migration of Ex-Im Bank’s  site onto the more intuitive and user-friendly CommonSpot platform, Sanmita Inc. helped Ex-Im Bank reach its stakeholders and manage its global subscriptions more efficiently and effectively.

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