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Management Sciences for Health

Management Sciences for Health (MSH) is a global nonprofit organization dedicated to closing gaps in the many overwhelming public health challenges facing countless nations. This nonprofit helps some of the world’s poorest and most vulnerable people by building strong, resilient, and sustainable health systems.

Business Need

Management Sciences for Health (MSH) was seeking a qualified CommonSpot content management system (CMS) vendor to develop custom templates and design a new look and feel for their new program’s website, Grant Management Solutions (GMS). They selected Sanmita to handle this development project which also included the need to create custom functionality while still remaining on CommonSpot CMS and in doing so, stay within the strict GMS style requirements. Wherever possible, MSH also needed existing developed elements to be re-used or enhanced and integrated with the new site.

Key Challenges

  • Intranet design and implementation.
  • Create custom functionality.
  • Conform to GMS strict style requirements while creating a fresh new look and feel of the website.
  • Work with existing elements when possible by enhancing or re-using those developed elements.
  • Provide multi-lingual options for the users.
  • Develop features such as a map showing MSH’s program impact.
  • Develop special sections within several pages of the site.


Sanmita worked with MSH’s Communications and IT teams to develop a portal and achieve custom functionality on the existing CommonSpot CMS. A one-off home page layout/template was created. A variation of the home page was also created in a secondary template which was then used to create secondary and tertiary pages. Special sections such as, “Quick Facts” and “What’s New” were created to keep users informed and engaged. The design elements stayed within GMS strict style guidelines.  Current elements were successfully re-purposed and enhanced. A feature map was developed showing areas across the globe where the GMS program made a positive impact. This helped further their mission.


  • Developed a new portal and website on CommonSpot consistent with what MSH was using on their main site.
  • Provided CommonSpot subject matter expertise.
  • Deployed and launched this portal on the server.
  • Integrated Pushpin dynamic map.
  • Created language links so users could choose English, French, or Spanish.
  • Special sections developed within the pages to keep users updated and engaged.
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