September 14, 2021 Lauri Stone

Redefine Your Nonprofit’s Case Statement in Turbulent Times [LIVE WEBINAR]

Every nonprofit needs a compelling case statement, aka case for support. And true to its name, a nonprofit’s case statement is the foundation and basis for all funding pursuits.  It is the core document of any fundraising campaign, especially for specific fundraising initiatives such as capital or endowment campaigns. 

A case statement is a powerful first opportunity to tap into your future funders, convey your mission, your vision and what challenges may be holding you back. It is the top shot  to make a case for support. It should be strong enough to achieve the goal of converting a potential donor into a loyal contributor to your organization. Left without a good hard look in our ever-changing times, even the most noble missions and stories can become lost with a weak and ineffective plea for support.

Is your case statement strong in this new era? Is it still relevant? Does it tell your story and tell it well?

You are invited to join us for a live webinar entitled, “Redefine Your Nonprofit’s Case Statement in Turbulent Times” and meet nonprofit specialist Robert Hinnen, who brings over 20 years of executive level experience and has raised in excess of $100 million dollars for nonprofits.  

Among other areas of strengthening your case statement during turbulent times, Robert will share:

  • How to check if your current case statement is ready for an uncertain future
  • How to create an effective case statement that has a mix of warmth and an emotionally charged story along with cold, hard facts
  • How to use your case statement in various outreach activities




Robert Hinnen has more than 25 years of success across all nonprofit industries. His broad areas of expertise include development, cultivation, stewardship and strategic planning. Robert specializes in individual giving, major gifts, corporate relations implementing proven cultivation and stewardship methods that bode well in the complex world of the non-profit industries. He has successfully led multiple Major Gifts programs in excess of $100M

Robert continues to work with development teams, senior leadership, and their constituents spanning markets nationwide including New York City, Boston, Chicago, Indianapolis, Kansas City Denver, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Seattle.


Sanmita is an agency that specializes in strategic planning, marketing, development, and fundraising for nonprofits and associations nationally.  They help build powerful stories, effective programs and advancement campaigns. Their work is based on the development of a solid and practical strategic plan, which is the foundation for all branding communications and fundraising initiatives. Sanmita helps nonprofit leaders discover and tell their most powerful stories to achieve real, measurable results.

Lauri Stone

Lauri Stone is Director of Client Relations at Sanmita, Inc., a web design and development firm offering strategy, design, and technology services to higher education, government, and nonprofit entities. She comes to Sanmita with over 25 years of experience in media marketing and advertising and is located in Los Angeles, California.