April 16, 2019 Debbie Misra

Rethinking Content Management

Planning a website redesign? The content management systems (CMS) is a critical component.  Your CMS is the power behind your website and it is essential to your project’s success. Among our many services here at Sanmita, we’re proud to offer our own exclusive CMS, AcademicsWeb. Contrary to its name, AcademicsWeb isn’t just for higher education — it a customizable CMS that can work for any industry.

Several of our higher education clients, including Cornell University’s Boyce Thompson Institute for Plant Research, run their sites on AcademicsWeb. We have business clients, including Mapformation and Ithaca Agway, using the CMS,  and we are transitioning a non-profit client, the Ithaca Motion Picture Project, to AcademicsWeb as well.  The Sanmita site also runs on AcademicsWeb.

Our CMS is so adaptable because we’ve built it to offer maximum flexibility. We have more than a decade experience building websites, and we know what features our clients want in a CMS. We also know what they don’t need. Many CMSs come loaded with features that clients never use — features they are paying for and that clutter their CMS. With AcademicsWeb, we work with your team to identify the most important features for your project. AcademicsWeb includes many popular features including:

  • User role management
  • Mobile friendly responsive design
  • Section 508 (ADA) compliant
  • Web standards compliant

We can build a custom AcademicsWeb system quickly, and we offer on-site training and ongoing support. Contact Sanmita to see how we can make AcademicsWeb work for you!

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