February 28, 2014 debbie.m

Sanmita, IMPP Together Again

We love when clients return to Sanmita with new projects! This time, Sanmita is teaming up with the Ithaca Motion Picture Project to revamp the organization’s website and web management. The refreshed website will run on AcademicsWeb, Sanmita’s exclusive content management system (CMS).

The Ithaca Motion Picture Project operates a silent movie museum in Ithaca, NY’s beautiful lakeside Stewart Park and works to preserve the area’s silent picture history.

Sanmita designed and built a website for IMPP several years ago, and we have helped maintain the site. Now, the organization wants to update the design and function of the website. They also need a customized, manageable CMS, and AcademicsWeb is a perfect fit.

Read on for a sneak peek at the new design:


Sanmita has more than a decade’s experience building websites and working with different content management systems. Along the way, we’ve learned the features that our clients need, and the ones that they don’t. We’ve built a flexible, dynamic CMS, which supports websites that are rich with information and multimedia. In addition, we provide training and ongoing support to help our clients use AcademicsWeb to its fullest potential.

AcademicsWeb is used by several of our higher education clients, including Cornell University’s Boyce Thompson Institute for Plant Research, and several business clients, including Mapformation and Ithaca Agway. Sanmita uses AcademicsWeb to power our own website as well.

IMPP will transition to AcademicsWeb in the coming weeks, and its new website will launch soon after. Stay tuned for updates and more images!

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