September 3, 2014 debbie.m

Sanmita Launches Newly Remodeled Website

Have you ever watched one of those home remodeling shows? Where an interior designer comes into an ordinary house and during the course of a week, transforms it into a fresh, gorgeous showcase that hardly resembles what it was before? Although the basic structure remains the same, everything is more efficient, better organized and much more inviting for guests. And they do it on a limited budget!

Now think about your website. It’s basically the online home for your organization. Has it become stale? Cluttered? Out of fashion? Do visitors find your site interesting and appealing, and are they able to easily find what they’re looking for? If you think your site is starting to look a little dowdy, it’s time for a website remodel!


Before our remodel...

Before our remodel…

Recently, we decided it was time to freshen up our Sanmita site. Our first goal was to better organize information about our services to showcase what Sanmita does best. We did a lot of streamlining and editing, like going through closets and tossing out things that weren’t being used or were looking worn out. Like getting new appliances in the kitchen, we upgraded our tool kit to include responsive design that adapts to visitors using varied devices such as smartphones and tablets. Next, like a coat of fresh paint in the living room, we made the tone of our site more friendly and warm. Then we topped it all off with some dramatic improvements to our curbside appeal, incorporating bold images and dynamic page movement.


Take a look and let us know what you think!

Thanks to our super-talented team, a website remodel doesn’t have to be a monstrous undertaking. You’ll be surprised at how quickly and affordably we can get your site turned around. Remember, you’re not building from scratch — our team can migrate your information into a fresh new look that’s more streamlined and has all the great new bells and whistles your customers expect. Check out our improved new contact form and let’s talk about how Sanmita can help with your website remodel!


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