September 8, 2014 debbie.m

Sanmita To The Rescue!

Imagine building a great website that attracts 99% of your business. The site is powered by a really nifty tool that beautifully showcases your products.

Now, imagine that the creator of that tool decides to pull the plug and remove it from the web entirely, effectively removing all your products from the internet? And just to make things interesting, you’re given only 30 days to find another solution and get it online?

Unfortunately, this is no imaginary situation!

Zoom.It is an app developed by Microsoft for viewing and sharing high-resolution imagery. It proved to be the perfect tool for our clients at Mapformation, the premier creator of illustrative maps to US colleges and others, to showcase their impressive work. Thanks to, visitors to the Mapformation site are able to click on hundreds of high-resolution images and zoom in to examine all the gorgeous details smoothly and with virtually no load time.

While it’s not entirely uncommon for technologies to become obsolete or removed from the market, it’s certainly a headache for those who have integrated them into their projects. But this being Microsoft, you can imagine the scale of headaches that occurred when they announced that they were not only suspending further services, they would be removing all Zoom.It image hosting entirely. For Mapformation, this meant that their most important sales tool would disappear in just a few weeks time!

MapformationAs soon as we heard about the announcement, we got right to work. Our team quickly developed a solution to enable Mapformation’s website to continue to present their services without interruption… while many other businesses are still scrambling to find ways to avert crisis as the deadline approaches on September 15.

Now, imagine if, like so many businesses, their website had been designed by one company, hosted by another, maintained by someone else, and none of those entities were knowledgeable or available to resolve the situation?

Because Sanmita offers complete web development services, including hosting, design, and support, our friends at Mapformation didn’t have to deal with the stress of trying to track down who could help or how they would be able to get through such a challenge.

Whew! Just another day’s work at Sanmita.



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