December 20, 2022 kkansakar

Sanmita’s Impact on the Enhancement of the California Agricultural Leadership Foundation Website

On Tuesday, September 20, 2022, the California Agricultural Leadership Foundation unveiled its newly upgraded website. This reimagined digital platform aligns seamlessly with the organization’s refreshed brand identity, embodying qualities such as dignity, endurance, respect, scholarship, excellence, innovation, and trustworthiness – attributes that have defined the legacy of Ag Leadership.

For over five decades, the California Agricultural Leadership Foundation, a nonprofit organization, has been nurturing leaders through its esteemed leadership programs, including the California Agricultural Leadership Program (CALP). Their mission is to equip their Fellows with exceptional leadership experiences and the tools needed to empower them on their journey towards greater influence and leadership impact. To date, over 1300 leaders have graduated from their programs, with many more on the path to leadership.

Sanmita is honored to be a part of the organization’s ‘Brand Refresh’ initiative, serving as their web solution partner. As part of this comprehensive rebranding effort, the rejuvenation of their existing website,, was a pivotal component. This endeavor presented an exciting opportunity to breathe new life into their digital presence with a modern and improved interface. Our team spearheaded the strategy, design, and technological aspects of the website, delivering a high-performing portal in under six months.

The transformation from a modest design to a modern and minimalist user interface reflects the organization’s core values and noble mission with simplicity and elegance. Employing a holistic approach, we ensured clear and effective communication with all user groups, including prospective applicants, donors, supporters, and industry partners, to drive their digital agenda forward.

pen om paperA Quantum Leap in Performance – Achieving up to 99%!

The most significant and crucial aspect of this overhaul was the remarkable enhancement in website performance. We elevated the site’s performance from a modest 40% to an impressive 99%, as reported by GT Matrix. This transformation is further highlighted by the reduction of page load time from 33.6 seconds to a mere 1.5 seconds. Key performance metrics transitioned from the ‘Red’ zone to the ‘Green,’ indicating an overall improvement in the new site. Whether it’s loading speed, responsiveness, runtime performance, visual stability, or fluidity, Sanmita delivered on its strategic promises.

In this era of multi-device accessibility and pervasive internet connectivity, with a rapidly evolving social media landscape and shifting transactional habits, nonprofits must establish a robust digital presence to engage donors, supporters, universities, and partners across various industries. A desktop website alone is no longer sufficient; it must cater to mobile users as well, while also ensuring industry-grade information security and data protection. Sanmita’s team of experts brought years of experience and technical proficiency to support the remarkable vision of the California Agricultural Leadership Foundation. We take immense pride in being part of their ‘Brand Refresh’ project, contributing to strengthening their digital presence in an ever-evolving technology landscape.


  • Efforts and Cost: While these factors may not directly impact web visitors, they are crucial in the background for ensuring a successful web presence.
  • Performance: The performance of the website is a critical factor for web visitors and their overall experience.
  • Experience: The user experience, both for the public website visitors and web editors managing the backend, is of paramount importance in this project.”

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