July 28, 2014 debbie.m

Wharton Studio Museum Nears Launch

Wharton Studio MuseumSanmita is pleased to announce that the Wharton Studio Museum website is close to launching!

The goal of the Ithaca Motion Picture Project has been to transform a forgotten silent movie studio into a museum to preserve and celebrate Ithaca’s movie history. Wharton Studio Museum will feature exhibits and programs on the art, science, and history of motion pictures, and will be a vibrant cultural and educational destination in NY State. It’s an exciting project that will serve the community, students, and visitors to this area for many years to come.

A new website is a vital part of establishing the new museum’s identity as this dream is being made a reality. As with most small non profits, WSM needs to squeeze the most out of a small budget. Our AcademicsWeb CMS was an excellent fit for their needs, as it’s scalable structure gives them the flexibility to grow as time goes by, and customizable features ensure they get exactly what they need.

slide1_op20130422170758_lSanmita has collaborated with IMPP since 2009, and has donated $7,500 toward this website update in support of their efforts. Through the museum and its work, the IMPP is helping to increase the visibility of our community and improve our local economy. We are proud of our ongoing partnership and look forward to much success for the Wharton Studio Museum.



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