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Three Handy Content Creation Infographics

Content, content, content! By now you realize how content is vital to your website promotion and maintenance.

But where do you get all this content? How do you go about keeping your blog fresh, crafting irresistible email newsletters, and regularly sharing fascinating social media posts?

With all the different options to consider, just finding where to begin can seem overwhelming!

Fortunately, the web itself provides a gold mine of information that can help you create meaningful content.

Email-Marketing-Cheat-SheetHere are three handy infographics I came across that are worth hanging onto as content creation resources and inspiration:

SOCIAL MEDIA IMAGE SIZES: You know photos make your social media posts stand out and get noticed. But once you’ve got those awesome photos together, one size unfortunately does not fit all. How should you crop for a Facebook cover photo vs. a shared link thumbnail? What are the dimensions for a shared image on Twitter, a photo feed on Instagram or a board pin on Pinterest? This indispensable chart has conveniently presented all the specs for your every social media need in one place. Thank you, Tent Social!

CONTENT MARKETING TOOLS: What’s the difference between content curation and content creation? How do you find writers who specialize in web content? Social Media Strategies Summit has compiled an interesting and detailed infographic that shows who’s who in the world of content creation.

EMAIL CHEATSHEET:   What’s the best time of day to send an email? Which is more important: day of week sent, or time of day sent? Did you know that 75% of smartphone owners said they are highly likely to delete emails they can’t read on their phones? This statistic-driven infographic from Marketo will give you food for thought when considering your next email campaign.



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